Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mech Thingy


  1. Volume, depth and materials of the mech are reading very well. Background is a great effort but oddly gives the image an unwelcome flatness. I think the graphical framing and the lack of good perspective on the faded forest/city vignette is fighting too much with the mechs wonderful pop off the page.
    Also, the contrast caused by the white fog does accentuate and pop the mech, but a little reflected lighting off that fog would show up on the mech's surfaces giving it a nice wrap-around behind. As it is now, the mech looks chopped in half with too crisp an edge against that fog. Great work! Again, improving by leaps and bounds!

  2. Thx man. I def know what u mean about the bg. I wasnt too sure about it, but others didnt seem to notice so I just left it. I added the little diorama effect to try to help, but I agree it needs a little tweaking. I'll try adding light to the other side as well. Thx for the pointers.