Tuesday, December 11, 2012


For one of my finals projects this semester we were given a script and had 5 weeks to flesh out as much as we could. The story in a nutshell is a trash man is suddenly thrust into a crazy government conspiracy where "aliens" created by the govt. poison the population by air. Tyler survives, but is captured and taken to a military base where he is given hands with the power to manifest whatever he has touched. He breaks out, learns the government created the aliens and sets out to get revenge.

 The main character, Tyler.

Hand design including the process of manifestation. 

 Gorwell is a rough and tumble drill instructor type. Hes a dick.

Olly is a 16 y.o. emo kid with a serious attitude. 

The genetically engineered alien. Meant to be an image to show the public the aliens
were really invading rather than an actual menacing figure. I wanted the audience to pity 
the creature after they learn its just a scapegoat.

 Poison drone that covers the city in gas.

 Scene and layout of Tyler emerging from underground into the LA river after the poison killed off  everybody.

Tyler making a big ship crash and speeding off like a bowse.

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